Cink shades of the Luberon

On the way to the Mas du Cink, make sur you remove the nasty accent that is, unfortunately, implanted in the Luberon by the ignorant. In here, the accent is neither low, or high. In here, the accent is a chant.

In here, the stone burns, the light hits and time is slow. Those elements make the region’s aesthetic, which made Chagall, de Staël, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh, as well as many other brilliant artists, succumb. As well as the lovers living a dolce vita in a provenciale way.

Le thym, aux côtés du romarin et de la sarriette, sont des herbes incontournables de la cuisine du Luberon
Thyme, alongside rosemary and savory, are essential herbs in the Luberon cuisine

Elegy to slowness

The initiation to the region’s lifestyle starts with wandering in the villages of the Luberon. They are some of the most beautiful villages in France. Uphill on the rocky spurs, they make sure that the days and seasons go smoothly and nicely.

Those seasons are rough, call out Roussillon, Gordes, Ménèrbes and Bonnieux altogether, because the winters are cold, the summers shine with sun and the Mistral gagnant. The lifestyle is still very sweet, reply the hamlets, small groups of houses, traditional in the Luberon.

Vue sur le village perché de Roussillon, situé à 5min du Mas de Cink
View on the uphill village, Roussillon, located 5 minutes away from the Mas de Cink.

Delight around the table

The provencale lifestyle continues around the dining table, full of rich home products from a true Cockaigne. Its scenery changes with the blooming of the almond trees, the cherry, the lavenders, the melon and the grapevines.

Bories et cabanons en pierres rythment les paysages du Luberon
Bories and stone sheds punctuate the landscapes of the Luberon

On the other hand, the bold food was able to take advantage of the region’s resources. Savory, thymes, sage and marjoram… they made delicate tongues and starred chefs fall in love with their flavor.

On the road ...

Learn the provençal lifestyle takes an end on the roads and small paths which crosses the Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon. By foot, bike or car, those are all good ways to find the tranquility of the Abbey Notre-Dame de Sénanque, the torpor of the pinewoods, the bloody ochre…

“Provence hides its mysteries behind their evidence”

Jean Giono

And a thousand other transparents mysteries to the inpatient’s eyes. Jean Giono, one of the first, wrote that “Provence hides its mysteries behind their evidence”. To pass through more easily, isn’t it wiser to leave the impatience on the side? The Mas de Cink is there to help you achieve that..

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